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Color mixing basics for watercolor:

Watercolor Supplies:

Basic paint colors:   Cadmium Yellow Light Hue, Cadmium Red Medium Hue, Raw Sienna, Alizarin Crimson, Burnt Sienna or Burnt Umber, Ultramarine Blue, Hooker's Green.

Optional colors:
Cobalt Blue, Indigo Hue, Permanent Rose, Manganese Blue, Sap Green, Naples Yellow, Raw Umber, Indian Red, Indigo, Neutral Tint, etc.

Watercolor brushes:
Flat ¾" or 1" ; Round ⅛" or ¼"; and small pointed brush for fine detail. Synthetic bristle is the least expensive. Miscelaneous tools for mark-making: a toothbrush, a thin dowel, thin cardboard strips, etc.

Watercolor palette:
large, approximately 12" x 16", white watercolor palette

Paper: Watercolor block or pad / optional 3-5 sheets of larger watercolor paper

Miscellaneous: paper towels, box for materials, a large plastic container for water

Create a series of works
Here are a few ideas from the College Board:


Painting advice and watercolor demo videos brushstrokeflat wash watercolor 
Watercolor basics: How to create a perfectly smooth wash
(3 minutes)

wet watercolor techniques 
Watercolor basics: Flat wash / graded wash / wet into wet (4 minutes)

 graduated wash in watercolor Watercolor basics Graduated washes
(11 minutes, actual info starts at 1:30)

Straight lines, using a ruler in watercolor

(8 minutes)

watercolor people
Painting people in watercolor (9 minutes)

watercolor figures
  Painting figures inside landscapes (7 minutes)

watercolour figures
Painting figures in watercolour
(5 minutes)

watercolor flowers
Basic techniques / spontaneity / wet on wet
(11 minutes)

 watercolor techniques
Demo describes wet and dry techniques

(11 minutes)

watercolor poppies 
Tighter painting technique for watercolor

(5 minutes)

Drawing as Thinking
  (4 minutes)


Drawing like a painter (12 minutes)

"How to Be and Artist" by Jerry Saltz 33 rules to take you from clueless amateur to generational talent (or at least help you live life a little more creatively).

Portrait in watercolor with some good practical advice (8 minutes)

watercolor portrait 
Reactivating dry paper (3 minutes)

Time lapse demo painting a large eye in watercolor (10 minutes)


how to paint 4 skin tones   
How to paint skin tones in watercolor
(7 minutes)

watercolor   Interpreting photos, not copying them
(5 minutes)

Painting skin in watercolor close-up profile (8minutes)

Watercolor demo of an eye painted in real time: How to Paint an Eye Part 1 (8 minutes) 
Part 2 (12 minutes)   Part 3  (5 minutes)

watercolor  Painting hair in watercolor (7 minutes)

watercolor   Portrait demo using white paint for highlights (please use liquid frisket instead!)  (13 minutes)

watercolor brushstroke

See great examples of watercolor:

Watercolor Demo Videos

Winslow Homer watercolors

John Singer Sargent watercolors

Merideth McNeal watercolors

Wangechi Mutu paintings and collages

Joseph Raffael watercolor paintings

Janet Fish watercolor paintings

Marlene Dumas watercolor paintings

Nora Twomey watercolor paintings

watercolor brushstroke


color mixing in watercolor

 watercolor supplies

what to paint

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